How to join custom room in Pubg Mobile?

You have heard so many times about “Custom Room”, What is This & How to join Custom Room??

Custom Room is a slot of 100 players, Like when you click on “Start” button in Pubg Mobile in a few seconds you joined a match of 100 Players why ??

Because it’s a random custom room which is basically created automatically by the Pubg Server.

Custom Room

I hope you got the Idea of Custom Room, Now How to join “Named Custom Room” like our Custom Room Named as “PUBG Players” { Daily Free Tournaments – Play & Earn up to 15k per month}

Follow the steps-

  1. Click on the “Map” (Just Below the Start Button)
  2. Look for the “Room” Option, left bottom side
  3. You will see lots of Named Custom Room, Hope you are able to search Enter Room ID box, So this Room Id will be provided by the player who has created the Room.
  4. As you entered the Room ID, A pop up will be appeared to Enter Room Password, Which is also generated by the Player who has created the Room.
  5. When you put all details like Room ID & Password, You have successfully joined the Custom Room that’s it.
Custom room, after joing the Pubg Mobile Players

After joining the Custom Room You have to be Patience to start the Custom Room, afterwards you will enjoy the Match.

If you are a dedicated lover of PUBG Mobile games, you can join Free tournaments which contains per kill prices & Cash prizes.

Top 3 players will of the months will be awarded by the Royal Pass.

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