Pubg Mobile Season 12 updates

PUBG Mobile Season 12 Updates

Pubg Mobile Season 12 will soon release with various new features and updates.

Pubg Mobile Season 12 updates Include

  • Titled as 0.17.0
  • New Skins, Clothes & Accessories
  • Changes to include mini Games
  • Death Reply- It will allow Players to replay his or her death
  • Two New Places – UAZ & Dacia, These Places will be include in Erangel
  • New Gun- Double Barrel Pump Action Shotgun
  • Updated SMG Uzi- Red dot or Holographic sight can be attached
  • Cold Wave- It will like Winter Season, where you have to save yourself from cold wave by taking shelter.

Pubg Mobile Season 12 going to release near by 4th March.

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